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Security Checks / Vacation Watches are provided as a service to the citizens and businesses of our area. Currently, only residents of the City of Argyle, Town of Hickory Creek and areas serviced by the Denton County Sheriff's Office may enter their requests using this form. 

Please be aware that our system requires addresses be entered in a format that is used by our Public Safety agencies and 9-1-1.  When entering your address, the Street Name field should not include punctuation and must be in a standardized format.  For instance, an address should be entered as 100 N MAIN ST instead of 100 NORTH MAIN STREET.  Additionally, the Apt field can be used for Apartments, Lots or Suite numbers. You may also use this field if you have an address such as 100B N MAIN ST.  The 'B' would be entered into the APT field.  This field should not contain the word APT, LOT or SUITE.

After you have submitted your request it will be reviewed by the appropriate agency personnel and approved or denied. You will receive an email letting you know the status of your request throughout the process. You may also be contacted for additional information in order for us to better provide your requested service.

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